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Slotting attachment
Slotting attachment

This is a fairly standard slotting attachment. It takes quite a lot of work to create a slot, and with the cutting tools I have used on it so far the waste tends to accumulate at the end of a blind slot.

A general view of my slotting attachment showing the swivelling stop with small handle and detents, and the through holes for the cutting bits.
The view from the rear, showing the linkage and details of the stop as well as the gib strip adjusters. There is one gib strip at the rear of the slider, and another thin strip on top. The body is a U-shape with a bolt-on lid. No prizes for spotting the deliberate mistake.
Detail showing the two locking screws that bear on flats on the side of the tool holders.
All of the tool holders and cutting tools, together with the parts I take off when putting the slotter back on the shelf.

Page updated on 12th June 2018