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Quorn T&C Grinder
Quorn T&C Grinder

The Quorn T&C Grinder is a well known, and well debated, design for grinding and sharpening cutters and tools. My version is standard in all aspects except for the raising/lowering of the motor and grinder head, and some of the fixtures.

My Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder set up to touch-up the end of an 3/8" diameter endmill in a Clarkson alike holder. Note the handle on the top of the column. I believe that the time spent painting tools could be profitably spent doing something else !
A rear view of the column, showing the internal lead screw and the flat machined the length of the column.
A close up of the front of the Clarkson collet holder.
The box of accessories. Hidden in the back left corner is an adapter to allow the use of the wheels mounted on an 8mm collet to be fitted to the nose of my Bantam, which takes an MT4. There's something for everything I need here so far.
On the near side are some 4 1/4" angle grinder wheels with their mounting collet.

Page updated on 12th June 2018